SINCE 1946

»We are always open to new opportunities and ideas«

Uwe Rohde

Rohde manufactures semi-finished products for the jewellery manufacturing industry and for wholesale distribution.

Rohde Schmuckwaren GmbH is a family owned and operated business. Together with our subsidiary, LG Findings GmbH, we have approximately 40 employees. The company is headquartered in Wimsheim, Germany.

Our standard product range includes items such as bayonet clasps, ear clips, earstuds, earnuts, endcaps, leather chains, as well as wristbands, steel wiring, gold wiring, interchangeable clasps and a lot more.

This should give you a little insight into our company’s fascinating and comprehensive product line.

Rohde produces and develops customised jewellery and accessories for local and international customers (OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer) and, because of our wealth of experience, we are considered one of the leading manufacturers in Germany.

Here you can see the diversity and the flexibility of our tradition-rich company.

Our innovation is geared towards customer demand and the requirements of tomorrow. That means new ways of manufacturing jewellery for all common precious metals, artificial alloys and combinations that use modern materials. We apply decades of experience to both jewellery manufacturing and wholesale distribution.

We share our success with our customers. When creative jewellery ideas arise, we consider their feasibility, volume production and marketing.

We are open to new ways of doing things.

Short lines of communication and constant availability are our way of doing business. They allow us to quickly put all your ideas into practice.

We participate in international exhibitions, like JCK Las Vegas, BASELWORLD, Vicenza, HKTDC Hong Kong , and a lot more.